Acreage Staking Interface


With the intelligent use of a smart contract, a one-click staking solution has been realized.

This makes it extremely easy for everyone to start staking using the MetaMask wallet.


Low gas fees and fast block times in combination with the easy-to-use interface makes staking a blazingly fast experience.

Click the staking button, wait for the transaction to confirm and voilà!


By exploiting the underlying Ethereum network, the ACR token is as secure as the Ethereum network itself!

The contract has been developed with security in mind and is 100% verifiable on the blockchain.

Staking Rewards

The following table shows the staking rewards for different levels.

Level Weekly Monthly Yearly
Lvl 1 (≥ 100K) 0.33% 1.50% 20%
Lvl 2 (≥ 1M) 0.40% 2.00% 27.5%
Lvl 3 (≥ 10M) 0.50% 2.50% 40%

Let's Stake!

Below, a summary of your staking progress is given. Make sure to connect to MetaMask to see your stats.

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